Arulmigu Aatcheeswarar Swamy Temple,Achrarapakkam

Welcome to Arulmigu Aatcheeswarar Swamy Temple

          Lord Atchipureeswarar is also praised as Acheswarar and Achu Kondu Arulia Thevar. Lord Vinayaka is known as Achu Muri Vinayaka. The Rajagopuram is of five tier structure. Lord Srinivasa with Mother Alamelumanga Thayar graces in a shrine in Prakara.

The main temple is a big one, measuring 265 feet East-West and 140 feet by South-North with a 5 tier Rajagopuram and two praharams. The main entrance is towards Aacheeswarar, a Swayambu lingam on a Square avudayar built by the Sage Thirinendhrathari for himself in line with the Dwajasthambam, Bali peetam and Nandhi.

It is strongly believed that prayer to Lord Atchipureeswarar would elevate the devotee to ruling position with management abilities. Also as the Lord is in the form ‘Letters – Akshara’ the devotee will shine in education.


          The other main shrine Umaiyatcheeswarar is present in the inner praharam on a circular Avudayar and was built by the same Sage for the King is in line with the Rajagopuram. Behind the lingam is Lord Shiva and Parvathi devi in human form in Marriage posture as stone sculpture. Sage Agasthiar got the dharshan of Lord Shiva’s marriage in 17 places and this is one of those places (In the Kalyana Sundareswarar temple at Nallur near Kumbakonam also Shiva and Parvathi are in marriage posture in the main shrine behind the main linga but as sudai sculpture).

Participation in the special pujas would relieve the devotees from various doshas following them from birth to birth and also remove obstacles in the way of professional progress and ensure peace of mind.